Having lost two of my own dogs over the space of the last 18 months, I am only too aware of the sorrow and heartache following a bereavement.  The many photographs I have of my own help me to remember the joy, and simple comedy that they brought into my life.

If your dog is not as fit as he or she used to be, please don't think that a photo session is out of the question.  Sessions are tailored to suit each individual dog , and their capabilities, likes and dislikes.

If your dog has a terminal diagnosis, I will do my utmost to schedule a time that fits best.

Even if you don't require a photo session, but could use a shoulder to lean on at a difficult time for you and your dog, please get in touch if I can help. 

If you would like to book, please let me know, and we can tailor a session that suits perfectly for you .

Photos in loving  memories of loved ones gone before








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